Onboard loading software
& Ship stability and hull girder resistance

Onboard loading software for ship stability and hull girder resistance

Stabiload software integrates main features and hydrostatics of ships in order to provide an accurate calculation for intact and damage stability and hull girder strenght check. 

Besides offering an efficient and safe solution for the ship and its cargo, STABILOAD  also includes a powerful cargo management module, called "Ship Planning", developed for containership application. Moreover, integration of automatic draft-and-capacity-level-reading device is possible, to have a real-time stabilty check.

Fully compatible with all type of ships, STABILOAD is used to check that stabilty criteria and hull girder strenght fully comply with rules before sailing, but also to train the crew against for damage stability issues. 



STABILOAD complies with IACS Type 2 and Type 3 criteria for loading softwares.

STABILOAD is developed by naval architects and IT technicians who are on the eve of rules change and optimization of calculation algorithm.


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Certification Bureau Veritas

All Stabiload softwares can be approved, on request, by Bureau Veritas or any other Society.